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Lo-Fight, "Whitty", = "Left,Left,Left, - Up, Down, Right.' Omg, Whitty brings back many memories. W, Whitty. You' cant spell whitty without the W. W- Whitty bro, Hes Fr A Winner!


they dont have all the yet?

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PLEASE DO RAINBOW FRIENDS(especially me)make green blue and purple or orange but i insist with purple...pls?


as bf: LLL U D R. You get Lo-Fight

nobody cares if you were first or second or third


Only one person said it lmao.

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nobody ask

I genuinely cannot think of a cool unique comment to put here, and I don't wanna be the mega virgin that is someone who just says "I was here ___" so uh...

Advertising ig?

If you miss the ctp community theres a chatspace for y'all or something right here lmao 

stop advertising I will kill you


First ig Idc anymore