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u can do with hank too


gotta be tricky


first one to type btw also can do with the other i think


secret is hold space down and press down


nah bro the vid says its tricky




secret key is w a s d


nope there is none


So first of all you are a fake. How do I know? Because it takes about 1 week for a project to be made. And there is like many projects but your account was made 2 weeks ago. Second, I have seen bot studio's profile picture. I once got him to comment on my message. I know he is not fake because of his creator page. Also the secret key isnt wasd on hank in the video it shows its the icon in the corner.


Try again.

make 32 bits tests please bro


No problem

hank :D

this is the kinda lit thumbnail but ok

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HAAAAAAAAAAAAANK (credit to ParashockX. for picture)
See the source image
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

ok ty i will delete my messages

is wasd


No request!

Press Alt + F4 For more internet power!

i cant do anything


youve might of seen hank but have u ever seen derpy hank



                                         /             \\    \ 

                                        |                \\    |

      /~~~~~`-------------------/     |__________________|

   /                                   \_________________/

/       /--------------------\             \           /

[____/                                       |       |

                                              |       |




Can I talk to Bot studio please?

Are you looking for secret key? if you are then watch the video it shows he clicks the icon. If you are asking how he does it. Most games that are fnf tests are built on scratch if its not that then probably adobe animate

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So fnf tests can be built on Scratch or Adobe animate?

Yes scratch is easier. I can send you a testing engine that has a tutorial inside. You just have to Remix the project then go to the tutorial sprite then you can make your own test

Okay send me the tutorial then

I really have a question for a owner.

Click the hank icon at the bottom to switch to tricky!
Bot studio claims that this is the secret key in his video.

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I have a question for a Owner


Thank you



why cant tricky move

he is a unkown thing

hi fake bot studio

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@Owners what did you use to build this project? I'm making it but it's a different fnf project i'm making.

wtf do you mean Owners? this is only 1 guy

BRO I KNOW THAT BUT i just need to talk to a god dam owner

his name is bot studio



What did you use to build this fnf test?

Yea what did you use to build this?

press: w, s, d, a, to shoot

I wonder how I shoot : ( 👀

bruh in the video he showed that moving your mouse to dark hank is the secret key

and it gets tricky

what is secret key? unless its wasd then idk

its tricky

uh ok

Unless you know its not the secret key,

Press Alt + F4 + Delete

secret key is d

thats a shoot bruh look the desc

wasd for shoots so it's not a secret key

hak and tiki


whats the secret key?

no idea lmao

your that one idiot that cant do things by themselfs


oh great. another toxic person

im not toxic

i was mad












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