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space left space right space down Space Up is target practice

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so good the game

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shit why tf wasd dont work

You have to use the arrows, Not the WASD.

press m for wiik 

why him tell me

why do you want a test of flippy

it would be the best thing we've ever seen but it has to be a specific flipp

mouse.avi 2.0 and whitty but  corrupted

I want flippy test :<

and huggy wuggy 2.0

secret key is m

uno dos tres cuatro

Uno drez doh qatdro

shame only phase 2 can say "UNO, DOS, TRES, QUATROS

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spam every arrow button super fast and you will pobly be supprised on phase 2

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hear this musicbhjfrbhjcdhbdsj gzdfuyjcvhbgzdkuhjcgbvkudvcbjfv bkjhfbhjvfjvfhjvhjvjbhxvbhjvhjbdbvhjdchjdcbdjhcdkhjcbdghcjdchbdchbjdhjbcdhc khdbjvhjvjhbv 

hold space, down, up and says ''Possible"


mat says niegga

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no mat says he's made from sega

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Deleted post
if you hold down space and while you hold it down and press right or left idk matt will say this way

mat matt

and i have a image


press up on first phase and it sounds like he saying sike

how do i "UNO, DOS, TRES, QUATROS" (to finish the "Bring in a ruckus like" line)

is '' UNO DOS TRES CUATRO'' and hold space and press left right down up 

matt will kill u


oh god pls don´t shoot D:

flippy test and taki test'

secret key is m (both phases)


Matt en Twitter: "Its #InternationalWomensDay remember to let all women be  Player One in wii sports today! Now.… "

matt will kill your family


click for a cookie😃


im not an idiot

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you stupid and click this


Left Down up right

Sporting 2nd phase

left left left down up right

Light up 1st phas

Flippy test pls

on first phase he almost sounds like hes saying "SIKE"

its when u press up

without the space

press M on phase 2 and you will get phase 3 matt

all your games are made in GDevelop 5

I used to create games in there



 special key is m

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