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the secret key is s

people at bot studio you should make a 5.0 with extra characters like you cant run pixel sonic and maybe sonic from the canceled song final escape and make it a random secret key and the secret key character tails doll from sunshine

The vs Sonic.EXE 3.0 update got canceled too

I just love this Sonic EXE test! Too bad Revie had to remove me... :(

secret key Is S


and for faker phase 2 right down left up down left

for faker left down right up

for sunky

left left right right left up up down down up

add a sonic 5.0 test BOTSTUDIO. Plz put 1.0 Lord X,Chasing Tails and put the secret key R to doctor robotnik triple trouble. GOOD LUCK IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS !!! :)

lord x is in the 2.0 test

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hit s when its better sonic if your on pc


you mean exe?

s h u t

stop being childish

stop existing


Hello Bot Studio guy, I am just repeating this idea from someone else in the comments so it gets attention because I want this to happen, so credits to them. Anyway, what you should add is Tails Doll to be the first character, Sanic to be the secondary character and the secret character to be Eggman.exe. Like I said, this wasn't my idea so credits to the guy in the comments.

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he doesnt update his tests + you said his name like hes a creepy stranger that lives in a rv van

I dunno I'm trying to be somehow kind to people on here since the fnf community can be toxic.


thanks for the secret key


Fun Fact:Sunky's down pose is from the game Sunky.MPEG.They only added the mic!

Hello,Mr.Bot Studio.Please can you do another .EXE test if you do this is my idea:First:Tails Doll,Second:Sanic.exe Secret Key  -any key you want-Third:Eggman Soul.If you like it Please do it!


This idea is amazing, which is why I reposted it so it can be noticed! :P


my idea?

*fleetway*  fuck you iam going wild time is limted iam not crying abot fuck ruined  becuas world

  be the one to end it


Thank you so much for supporting me!I hope Botstudio makes the test!

dude he doesnt take requests here

I just thought it was a good idea that's all.

he doesnt take requests here

wait what the why did i say that

this doesnt make sense

why did you do this



What are the keys for skunky

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left left left up left, up up up down, left left left up left

Or: left left left right, up up up down, left left right



Gotta Go Fast

gota g0 fes

getta ga fa esrt


Deleted 2 years ago
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dude the creator of faker is a pedophile and you're making it seem like it was bad that faker was removed

Wait. He was a PEDOPHILE!?

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so you're basically acting sad over a pedophile's creaton being deleted

shut the fuck up hate the sin love the sinner so he did a bad thing that doesnt mean his work is bad

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this isnt me defending revie i can like faker/black-sun and not like revie those are actaullly my 2 favorites from the mod but that doesn't mean i like revie so seriously quite being a toxic fuck and just enjoy this great stuff people are making 

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and other people are talking about it 

im not being toxic, and you are defending a child predator

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im 16 idk who u talkin bout

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nobody mentioned you bitch

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just so you dont say anything else im blocking you

and your not being toxic "just so you dont say anything else im blocking you" that sounds pretty toxic just saying block me if you wish i also stated multiple times that i don't like revie just his work i mean sonic.exe is still going strong and the original main owner was a pedophile so what does that say about the whole fnf sonic.exe mod just saying and agian just to drill this into your 5 year old brain I AM NOT AND I REPEAT AM NOT DEFENDING WHAT REVIE DID

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dude... the block button exists for a reason and apparently im toxic for using it

shut the fuck up i have a job


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nobody asked you to speak abortion escape

this s


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stfu wont offend me 9 yr old


yeah i see the secret key for a long time so its s

and secret key is s

Faker: Left Up Down Right Space Left Up Down Right

Black Sun: Up Down Left Right Space Up Down Left Right

Sunky: Left Left Left Right Up Up Up Down


The Secret Key is S (Only works on Faker)

Fun Fact: Faker Was Removed From Vs Sonic.EXE 2.0

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like we didn't know

its all around the internet rn

why is sunky's left pose so huge lmao

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yellow i am making a mod called Bambis Slaughterhouse And This May Contain EE 2 And EE 3 Wip And U Need Psych Engine

Also Do Not Play This Mod If You Are A Minor Donot Play It Bc It Contains Gore

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your a minor idiot

your discord bio says your 14

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I don't fucking care

stop milking off my mod

and go to hell

I don't want anyone making unofficial parts of my mod

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and you're a pervert so leave my mod alone and apologize without just saying sorry

cuz u were shipping minors on discord and a sorry isn't gonna fix it

so stop sipping over me and my mod

I ever fucking asked for this


3d gun guy This Is Just A Teaser

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fun gun

Fnaf Beat Box Freddy Mod or DO OSWALD

anyway, this is a good project, beautiful

no fnf feddy mod, no fnf feddy test :[

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because theres not a teddy mod

stop begging for shit that doesn't exist

feddy, dumbass, teddy your mom

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it exists (autocorrect)

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Nobody gives a fuck if you didn’t ask

You didn't ask? That's amazing, are you a dictator? A god? The most important person in the world? No? Then why would you say that like it matters? "I come out as homosexual, this is really hard for me and I hope you respect that. "Did I ask?" no, you did not ask, we couldn't care less if you asked, you are nothing compared to the universe. Do you think your opinion holds a higher meaning than anyone else's? You could've said anything, something creative, even an ok or you not saying a word would be better than the phrase "Did I ask?" we get it, you never asked, but did anyone ask about you asking? Even if you said that you traveled the world to find out who asked, who asked you to do that? You didn't ask for their opinion, but nobody asked if you care at all. You aren't creative or smart. Even a caveman grunts and ooga boogas would be better than that phrase. Now stop pretending to be a god and go back to school to learn how to respect people

what is the secret key

left left left right up up up down left left lft right up down up down up on skunky


i  mean up down down left not up down up down up

what is secret key??

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