It's Ron and Little Man from Week "Bob's Onslaught" Friday Night Funkin Vs Bob Week! Play as Credits do really go to Wildy for making the Friday Night Funkin Vs Bob Week! Play on the web here on a PC/Mobile devices! If you want, if you have a windows computer, you can also download it with the download button below!


To switch to touch control, touch the toggle in game.

Arrow keys to play the sounds (For mobile press D-pad button)

Hold space and press any other arrow key for secondary sound

Press 1 for Bruh! (Ron Only)

Hold any of the buttons to hold a pose!

Check out the Friday Night Funkin here:

Also check out Friday Night Funkin on Newgrounds:

Check out the original Friday Night Funkin Vs. Bob Week mod:


FNF Ron and Little Man Test Ver 1.0 - 104 MB
FNF Ron and Little Man Test Ver 1.0 - 98 MB
FNF Ron and Little Man Test Ver 1.0 - 105 MB

Install instructions

To download on Windows, Mac, and Linux, download the appropriate .zip file, and extract it. Then run the executable, to play the game.  On mobile or people who don't want to download, play on the web here.


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Press    alt for  a tank man


if you hold any arrow in phase 1 and then press 1 he will stare at you M E N A C I N G L Y



tankman: little man space right alt/option

hi yer the best botstudio

oio por busha

me: hey can you mod this version
them: no


ron press 1, little man press m

do a bonzi buddy test in fnf from friday night sandboxin

(1 edit)

press m for little man

space and right = tankman

(little man only)

this is ron >


im best hecker


ron song down right left up 1

on little man, hold space and press right twice

1 is BRuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

 press alt lol

U        G        H

If you press 1 and left at ron you get staring ro

1 is secret key and bot studio ur the best



FNF - Ron (Test)

what the fu-



me when ron dies 

For Ron: Down Right Down Up 1

For Little Man: Left Down Left Right Left SPACE Down Left

little baby man and cool guy/ ron



pls do taki test pls i will kill myself

Show post...

do it



You are using suicide for attention pathetic little bastard aren't you


shut up you little peace of shit 

do it <3

 bob and bossip test out tomorrow

Bob ME

Porque todos los comentarios dicen que agreguen un test y mas tests

do a imposter  v3 test with green imposter

and crewmate plz

HEY HEY HEY HEY llook this :

hola bro de nuevo

hola mi pana

in little man space hold and left then tankman sound

bop and bosip is coming


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